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Website : Trend Reports 
*ahem ahem* Daydreamers spotted all ya favourites !! ^.^V studs accessories + zipper skirt = what ya waiting for?? 

Pink + Polka = oh yes yes! Floral = yes yeS YES! Black Peplum Skirt = gorgeous *faints* Daydreamers falling for these babies and what's best!? It's in house cat's creations. One of a kind !! 

Website : Oh My Clothes

Yes! These skirts are inspired by TopShop. Daydreamer definitely grabbing one piece. What about you? 

Website : YeePii's Closet

Daydreamers like to review YeePii's Closet to welcome her into our directory family =) Hey fashion lovers, love the top? admiring the skirts? Look no further, as they offer all. Hop in to check out other available colors ^.^

Website : Seventh Day

awww falling for these.. Oh no, to get or not to get? that's tough. How to resist? =p Check out her goodies. 

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