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love ♥ for studsss  

Website : Oh, popsicles!

Let's not stop with the passion for studs =p here we have a dress named 'Dual Tone Rocker' with a free studded clincher. Besides that, Studded Clutch up for grabs!!

Website : Style Influx

Studded top inspired by forever 21 / topshop. Hurry up n grab them now.

Website : Oh My Clothes

Cant get enough of studs? They've just updated with these high waist studded shorts. The floral top is also available to match with it.. yippee~

Website : Little Cheri Blossom

What's next? Well, this blog have studded items from top -> cluthes -> to basic studded clinchers. One-stop for studs lovers =)

What next?

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