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Website : Maybe Baby

We spotted florals, floRALS, FLORALS & many more FLORALS. wow~ Anyone craze about florals apparels. Well, check this out ~!!

Website : Velvet Ribbon

Are you feeling sleepy yet? This daydreamer here WAS sleepy till she spotted these skirts *wide eyes* LOVInG the polka skirts.

Website : lux-darling

Which would you prefer? tight fitting or flare skirts? Well, they have them both ! ^.^ yeah yeah check check it out

Website : Cherry Buttons

Did you realise lately TopShop stocking in more n more of these oversize side sleeve tops ? Try matching it with leggings & edgy heels = voila !!~

Website : Simply-Alluring

Studded long tank top and tube top spotted. They have some really cool leggings as well. Take a visit to the blog =)

Website : YeePii's Closet

Updates are definitely rolling in. Including this blog with butterfly sleeves + florals. Not into florals? What about some basic skirt to go with ^.^

Website : Dorfbury

Daydreamers been waiting for her updates. LoL with her teasers and all, definitely caught our attention. Well, its here!! Check out the new collection named - the black affair. Looking something for a classy night out, casual outings etc Look no further, she has it all. Black = universal color ~

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