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Website : Cocktails
Spotted beauties that deserve owners to show 'em off ^.^ What's ya style? Being elegant lady or floral babe with sexy attitude ^.^ 

Website : KookyEighties

Let's get back to some basic apparels shall we? Updates with choices of tops, personally love the blue halter with crinkle effect ^.^

Website : Muaxx
Muaxx spotted with zipper & floral goodies. Apart from that, totally adorable site, definitely a pleasing blog to explore. ps. they are updating now as we speak =p

Website : Chance Boutique

Chance Boutique updated with NEW collection. Check it out as how you could mix & match the apparels offered. Working babes, you've gotta check out this site. 

Website : Oh My Clothes

Don't you find their collection just plain awesome ! Another TopShop inspired dress. Yes! A beauty piece now at your affordable price. First was the tier skirt, now this, can't wait what's next!!

Spotted this blog with updates n Massive Clearance. Looking for good bargains, well you've gotta check this out.

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