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Spot focus: Hawaii  

Aloha Daydreamers !!~

Dreaming about getaway trips? Try thinking about sunshine, beaches & the ocean breeze ~~ Sit there and just ... relaxxxxx ~~ =p let's start:

The State of Hawaii is a state in the United States. Its capital is Honolulu on the island of Oʻahu. In the Hawaiian language, Honolulu means "sheltered bay" or "place of shelter."

What are the movies filmed in hawaii? We have great movies such as 50 first dates, Lilo & Stitch and many more.

Wondering what are the things to do in Hawaii? Well, basically they have 4 famous islands to explore: Big Island of Hawaii -> Maui -> Oahu -> Kauai

Things to do in Hawaii:

  • beaches ofcourse ^.^
  • wine tasting
  • night scuba diving & snorkel tour
  • air tours
  • parties & events
  • sunset cruise
  • horseback riding
  • honolulu zoo
  • many many many moreee
Want to get more information? Could visit :

oops !! almost forgotten about most vital information. Shopping guide!! Here we go, things to buy from Hawaii:
  • Food [especially coffee, then its famous fresh island fruits]
  • Clothing [aloha shirts & dresses, oh and must visit the surf]
  • Hawaiian heirloom jewelry [meaning custom hand-engraved jewelry]
  • Hawaii leis & flowers
  • Hawaii music

Felling stress at work / study? Now, lay back & enjoy this music:

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