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song review: but i do love you  

'... i don't like to be alone in the night ... ' 
[Song title: But I Do Love You, Movie: Coyote Ugly]

Coyote Ugly is one of my old time favorite movies, it's about a young woman who work her way through in the New York City, trying to achieve her dream and eventually.. met someone special. His encouragement has helped her in writing and playing her own songs. A movie with awesome soundtracks and interesting storyline. 

Overheard this song in a cafe, it just had me thinking and at that very moment, was hoping my special someone would hold me in his arms. oops lol =p carried away with such emotional song. Remember to encourage your loved ones: don't ever dismiss dreams, don't give up, don't be afraid, taking chances is what makes us brave. 

enjoy the song ^.^

yours truly,

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