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Interview: My  

Site : My


Owner: Jeremy

1) Mind sharing with us, the owners of My

Myself =)

2) How long have My started?

About a year and one month now.

3) What inspires you to start up this business? How did it came about?

It wasn't something I always wanted to do but I always bought and wore T-shirts. I really like to wear statement tees and friends and sometimes even strangers would laugh or comment about my tees and ask where I bought it. So I figured, why not sell since there is actually a demand. So that’s how MyFavouritees started.

4) Tell us more about My clothing line and price range.

I don't design the clothes myself for now but tht wud be coming up real soon. All the tees are imported from overseas and I personally will go and choose the designs myself. Except for the vintage tees which are RM35.90, all tees are RM29.90. Dresses ranges from RM29.90 to RM59.90.

5) What are the things that customers should take note upon online purchasing?

Probably whether first the blog or website can be trusted? But really, i think online purchasing now is quite

6) Any interesting experiences with customers at both online and bazaars?

Haven’t come across any bad ones, but most customers do stop at my stall and just laugh at the tees. There is this one time where this guy just stood there for a good 10 to 15 mins looking at a tee n giggling at it. LOL.

7) What are upcoming or future plans for My

I do plan to design my own tees and maybe open a shop. =)

8) Any shout outs to fashion lovers / your loyal customers?

To my loyal customers, THANK YOU for supporting me!.. fashion moree!!haha.=)

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