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Ideal Bedroom?  

What's your ideal bedroom concept? Found these interesting bedroom designs for sharing =)

Having problems with small apartments but cant let go any of your huge collection of DVDs / books? Here is an interesting concept cater especially for movies / books lovers. Hard to imagine what it's like if there's an earthquake, cat jumping around or couple fight? LoL but it does bring ideas on how you could convert your room to have more usable space.

A concept room developed for hotel in Paris. Main concept was to create a calm & relaxing atmosphere, decorated with Zen minimalist style. Check out the interesting LED lighting on the walls. Lovers could add on with some jazzy / soothing music, candle light .. it's like wow!

Personal favourite is this - floating bedroom design. With the open space concept, it helps to generate larger view with the small apartment. Could save on the quantity on aircons too =p

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